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The Trinity Combine is for adults and children ages 15 and up of all athletic abilities. Will this be your first time competing at the Trinity Combine? Do you want to try out a few events? Are you returning with a team to beat PRs? You can compete in as many as all ten events or as few as one. The Combine is designed for anyone who wants to participate!

Register Today for the 2024 Trinity Combine on August 18th at Mercedes-Benz Stadium!

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One Event Rockstar
The person who loves the cause and wants to challenge their own expectations of themselves in a single event! Don’t want to go at this alone? Grab a few friends and create a team!

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Not quite ready for the 10-event gauntlet? Challenge yourself to compete in at least three events! 

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Trinity Combine Individual Elite 
You've trained and are physically ready to compete in all ten events and see how you stack up against other elites. The physical, as well as mental, challenges are real. Can you maintain stamina and composure to make it through all 10 events, and challenge for the individual title in your division?

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Trinity Combine Team 
Do you have a few friends willing to join you for a good cause to fundraise and compete for the team trophy? Create a team and have three friends, co-workers, or family members register and join your team to see if you all have what it takes to be the top performing team across 11 events (fundraising is the 11th event!). Trinity Combine teams are required to have a minimum of two competitors and can be a maximum of four competitors.

**Competitors are able to register and compete either as individuals, or as members of a 2-4 person team. Team scores are calculated as the top score per team, per event. Every team member need not compete in all 10 events, meaning strategy and playing to individual strengths are important to consider. Divisions are further divided by gender and masters (40 and older) categories.

The Events

Each event is administered and scored by trained volunteer judges. You can learn more about each event at the Events Rules page. 

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