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To make sure you are properly training for the standards and range of motion that will be asked of you during the competition, please review the event rules below. 


  • Each competitor gets one (1) opportunity to complete as many burpees as possible in 90 seconds

  • Chest and thighs must touch the ground at the midpoint of each rep

  • A repetition is complete when the competitor's feet leave the ground, hips are open and hands are overhead



  • Each competitor is given three (3) attempts

  • Only a competitor's furthest throw is recorded

  • The football is junior size

  • Competitor CANNOT cross the throwing line after releasing the ball 



  • Each competitor is given one (1) attempt

  • Palms must face away from the body

  • Kipping is not allowed

  • Arms must be equal to or greater than shoulder width apart

  • Competitor's chin must go above the bar at top of repetition

  • Competitor's arms must be fully extended at the bottom of a repetition

  • Judge may ask each competitor to complete a sample rep prior to starting the exercise to deliver feedback on form

  • Judge will count the reps aloud.  If applicable, the Judge will say "no rep" aloud so that the competitor is able to hear it above crowd noise.


4.  40 YARD DASH 

  • Each competitor is given two (2) attempts

  • Event is run on the field turf

  • The event will timed using a laser timed system

  • Competitor will line up with one hand placed on the turf, in alignment with the laser crossing the starting line. The rest of the competitors body must be positioned behind the starting line.

  • Time begins when the competitors hand breaks from laser alignment

  • One Judge will stand at the starting line to ensure competitors stay in alignment

  • Time ends when the competitor breaks the plane of the laser crossing the finish line


  • Each competitor is given two (2) attempts

  • Competitor must keep one (1) foot planted before take-off

  • Competitors will wear a Bluetooth-enabled measurement devise around their center of mass (i.e. hips) and perform a max height vertical jump

  • Measurements from the device are recorded and sent to the Judge's iPad/iPhone for scoring

6.  DIPS

  • Each competitor is given one (1) attempt

  • Arms come to 90-degree angle at the bottom of a repetition

  • Elbows must lock out at the top of each repetition

  • Competitors may not kip

  • Judge will count the reps aloud

  • If applicable, the Judge will say "no rep" aloud so the competitor is able to hear it above the crowd noise



  • Each competitor is given two (2) attempts

  • Starting position: Competitor straddles a line.  Competitors feet must be an equal distance from the center line.  One (1) hand must be touching the ground.

  • Event: Competitor may run either to their LEFT or their RIGHT at the start. Competitor runs five (5) yards and must touch a yard line with one (1) hand then turns 180 degrees and runs ten (10) yards to another yard line and must touch the line with one (1) hand.  Competitor then turns 180 degrees and runs back through the starting line.

  • Timing: The event is hand-timed by a Judge

  • The stopwatch starts on the competitor's first move

  • The stopwatch stops once the competitor's torso cross the finish line

8.  500 METER ROW 

  • Each competitor is given one (1) attempt

  • Event distance is 500m

  • Competitor may adjust the damper level to any setting prior to the start

  • If the competitor falls off the rowing machine, he/she may restart the event

  • Judge must reset the erg once a competitor has completed the exercise



  • 175 pounds for men, 90 pounds for women

  • Each competitor is given one (1) attempt

  • Competitor must touch barbell to chest and fully extend arms at the top of the repetition

  • Competitors butt and upper back must maintain contact with the bench

  • Competitor may not bounce the bar off his/her chest

  • Competitor may obtain assistance only from a judge to lift the bar off the rack

10.  100 YARD SHUTTLE 

  • Each competitor is given one (1) attempt 

  • Competitors begin at a goal line with hands and feet behind the goal line

  • Attempt is complete when a competitor has touched their hand past each marker in the following order: goal line to 20 yd line and back to goal line; goal line to 40 yd line and back to goal line; goal line to opposing 40 yd line and back to goal line; goal line to opposing 20 yd line and back to goal line; goal line to opposing goal line and back to goal line (600 yards in total) 



  • Grip: Competitors may use wraps, gloves, grips, chalk, etc. for pull-ups, dips and bench press

  • Accidents: A competitor who accidentally slips from a pull-up bar may restart.  The competitor is allow to wait for only one (1) participant to complete the exercise before restarting

  • Incidents: Competitors who demonstrate unsportsmanlike character will be reported to event officials who may disqualify the participant at their discretion.  Be a good sport!



Our four divisions: Male, Male Masters, Female, and Female Masters are ranked against their peers and the top performers per event earn the top (lowest) scores. Individuals submit one score per event and teams submit their top two scores per event. The 1st spot in each event is worth 1-point, 2nd worth 2-points, 3rd worth 3-points and so on...

So a perfect score—1st in all 11 events—at the Trinity Combine is 11!  Past results suggest that no team or individual will achieve a perfect score, but consistently ranking in the top quartile is a competitors/teams best shot at getting their name on the Champions Trophy. 

The 11th ‘event’ - points will be awarded to individuals and teams based on their success in fundraising. An individual's and team's overall fundraising rank will be ranked in the same manner as the 10 athletic events (deadline is Friday, August 6th). 

The conclusion: successful Training AND Fundraising are the Trinity Combine 'keys' to success!

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