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Trinity Community Ministries (TCM) is a 36-bed two year transitional center for men who experience homelessness and addiction. Serving approximately 100 men a year, TCM is committed to empowering men to reclaim their lives from substance abuse. Men live, work, and begin their recovery journeys together in the communal environment cultivated by TCM Case Managers and Program Director. Alongside community partners, TCM connects men to resources and programs they need to succeed and get their lives back on track. TCM is housed in the Historic Hanley Funeral Home, where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s body was prepared for viewing and burial.


In a place where men used to grieve and mourn, they now come back to life.

Trinity Community Ministries

Trinity Community Ministries


Trinity Community Ministries changes lives.

Hear what one graduate, DK, has to say about his time at TCM.

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DK with his daughter and fiance at the 2022 Trinity Combine. 

"I came to Trinity House scared in the beginning. I thought I could just get in and get out. But sometimes, God knows how to sit you down to get your attention. Everyday I was here I got a little more involved. I became more willing to speak up and share. After a few months, the program came alive in me. Trinity House gave me the tools I need to get my life back together. The meetings, the reflection and communication resources, talking with the Resident Managers, going to the Empowerment Resource Center, and everything else that Trinity House taught me is now in my toolbox. Trinity House has given me the tools I need to go back into the world a sober, more caring person. As a Senior Brother, I've learned so much about leadership. I became a more caring person.


Trinity House gave me my family and my life back. I can't wait to graduate and get back to society with my new tools."

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