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While most Spring & Summer events in 2020 are taking ‘rain checks’, the Trinity Combine will persevere in its mission to support the men of the Trinity House, in digital form. The revised CFH format (Compete From Home) will keep competitors training and engaged, while preserving a critical lifeline for the Trinity House. (Don’t worry the lululemon uniforms are one thing that won’t be changing this year!)

Here’s how it will work.

Gone will be ten consecutive events in five hours. Instead, over the first two weeks of June, we will complete five events per week for a total of ten scores (the 11th event, fundraising, factors into scores as well). The 2020 Virtual Events will rely on gravity, body weight and open space; no equipment required.

Fundraising - the 11th “Event”

This element remains a critical lifeline to Trinity Community Ministries. Our observation is that this crisis is heightening this Nation’s collective sense of benevolence. We think your supporters will not only admire your diligence, but give more generously than ever! 


Online Scoring

Score submission and leaderboards will be managed through Once registration closes, all competitors will receive an email to create their unique competition profile. During the competition, each competitor will submit their own scores through their unique login.

Judging & Standards

In the absence of judges, integrity of movements will be critical to an even playing field and we may ask for video evidence to verify top scores. In such instances, video will be uploaded directly to To limit ambiguity, in addition to the descriptions posted below, the Trinity Combine will post demonstration videos leading up to the event:

Week 1

(June 1st-7th)


Event 1 / Max Burpees

Setting a three minute clock, complete as many Burpees as possible.

Score / total reps

Event 2 / Max Elbow Plank

Set a timer and hold a plank on your elbows for as long as you can.

Score / total time

Event 3 / One Mile Run

Time to get outside! Run one mile; no treadmills allowed.

Score / total time

Event 4 / Standing Broad Jump

Standing with your feet together, jump forward as far as possible can.  Falling back/forward or hand touching the ground disqualifies an attempt. 

Score / total distance (inches)

Event 5 / 10 Minutes, As Many Rounds As Possible

5 Push-Ups

10 Sit-Ups

15 Bodyweight Squats

Score / total rounds (+ extra reps)

Week 2

(June 8th-15th)


Event 6 / 100yd Burpee Broad Jumps

Complete a Burpee directly into a Broad Jump for a total of 100 yards.

Score / total time

Event 7 / Max Jumping Squats

Setting a three minute clock, complete as many Bodyweight Jumping Squats as possible.

Score / total reps

Event 8 / Shuttle Sprint

Using a marked turf field, complete Shuttle Sprints from 0 - 5 - 0 - 10 - 0 - 15 - 0 - 20 - 0 - 25 - 0 yard lines.

Score / total time

Event 9 / 100 Sit-Ups*

Complete 100 Sit-Ups as fast as possible. Every minute, beginning at 1:00, stop performing Sit-Ups to complete 5 Push-Ups.

Score / total time

Event 10 / "Mzee" 15 Minutes, As Many Rounds As Possible

In honor of TCM’s first Program Director, Leonard “Mzee” Tate.  The address of TCM is 21 Bell Street. There are 35 beds in the program, which was founded in 1982.

21 Mountain Climbers

35 Alternating Lunges

82 Bicycle Kicks

Score / total rounds (+ extra reps)

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