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The Trinity Combine
Ethan Payne

The Trinity Combine

Utilizing its 36-bed transitional housing facility known as “Trinity House-Big Bethel,” Trinity House-Big Bethel has touched the lives of many men, delivering the support and resources required for them to successfully return to their families, their community, and, ultimately, to a better life.  More recently, as the number of veterans who are homeless and struggling with addiction has increased, Trinity Community Ministries launched Trinity Living, a permanent supportive housing program that helps men who have served our country, but now are homeless and find themselves in need of service from others.  For more information see



Below is the testimonial letter from a recent graduate of the Trinity House-Big Bethel program: Willis Lamaar Hatfield Reavis.


"My name is Willis Lamaar Hatfield Reavis.  I was born March 1, 1986, and adopted at age 13.  I joined the United States Army when I turned 18.  After basic training, I served in Iraq. After 13 months, I came home and got married to a beautiful lady. Before too long, I was deployed to Afghanistan. I was wounded there.  Prescription drugs were administered for my physical pain. They became an addiction. I started to use more and more to numb the physical and emotional pain.

After returning to the States, I was imprisoned at Leavenworth, Kansas, for possession of Heroin and other drug related crimes.  During that time, my father killed himself and my wife divorced me.  My only option, after leaving prison, was to go home to my Grandfather,who lived in Roswell, Georgia.  Sadly, he died the day I was released.

I was homeless.  Drug related crimes kept me in and out of jail for 2 years. From prison I was sent to the Veterans Affairs Medical Hospital.  I was hallucinating from mixing Heroin and Methamphetamine.  I was in very bad condition.  The VA Hospital recommended drug recovery treatment.  On April 16, 2014, I was welcomed in by the Trinity House-Big Bethel program.  I am grateful for the help and guidance that I am receiving here and am now working part-time as part of my recovery.

My story is a work in progress to date. I would like to thank all of the people who volunteer and contribute to helping me get back on my feet."​

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