INTRODUCTION:  How do I train for the Trinity Combine?  In many ways you have been training for the Trinity Combine since you first picked up a football, stepped on a track or into a gym. The Trinity Combine was created to be accessible to working professionals no matter their level of fitness, yet designed so every participant is motivated to train hard and perform their best. The events are designed to test your current levels of fitness.  

Can you throw a football? Can you do pull ups or dips? Can you sprint for 40 yards?  Sure, training in these specific events will improve your performance, but if you go to the gym, or stay in shape via sports leagues or road races, The Trinity Combine is for you.  

TRANSFORMATIVE POTENTIAL: The Trinity Combine, just like, Trinity Community Ministries, is all about transformation.  No matter where you are starting, if you apply the strategies below and on the nutrition page, you will experience change.  If you commit to the plan and remain consistent, your change will likely be dramatic.  You will look different, and more importantly, you will begin to feel different with higher and more consistent levels of energy throughout the day.  


Whether you are competing in the Individual Competition or the Team Competition, the events of the Trinity Combine require that you get as lean and as powerful as possible.  The bottom line is to maximize performance on body weight exercises, you will be able to complete greater reps the less weight you are moving.  As such, preparation should include:




WEIGHT TRAINING:  Jim Stoppani, Ph.D. has outlines his stout Shortcut to Shred plan here.


SPEED/AGILITY TRAINING: One of the most beneficial and efficient ways to increase your quickness and agility is to implement cardioacceleration into your weight training work outs.  Cardioacceleration is simply 30-90 seconds of high intensity cardio in between sets of weight training.  Jim Stoppani, Ph.D. describes cardioacceleration and its many benefits in an article here:

Recommended cardioacceleration options include:

  • Jump rope
  • Box jumps
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Kettle bell swings
  • Punching bag

20yd Shuttle Instructional Video

ENDURANCE TRAINING: The endurance events in the Trinity Combine include the 400 meter run, the 800 meter run and the 500 meter row.  

  • 400 meter dash workout here
  • 800 meter dash workout here 
  • Row workout here (technique is key)